Welcome to the Nature of Dorset ....

This is the companion website to the Nature of Dorset Twitter and Facebook accounts. It acts as an extension to, and storage point for, these other applications. It offers you:

  • News of sightings via current tweets and reports as well as an archive of historic sightings in case you missed them or want to do some research 
  • Additional information about nature in Dorset provided by blogs, papers and articles from a variety of sources in the scrapbook. magazine, library and gallery
  • General information and tools that may be useful such as the extended search facility, links to other conservation organisations, the bibliography, etc 


All the functions available on the Nature of Dorset website are listed below but you have the option to select from a drop down list what type of function you are looking for (news/archive, additional information or tools/utilities) to narrow your choice. The menu is sequenced with the most viewed at the top as they are obviously the most popular. Just click/tap the icon for the function you want when you have found it!  

It is with immense sadness I have to say that after twelve years of maintaining the Nature of Dorset website and related Twitter feed and Facebook page personal circumstances prevent me from continuing; at least for the foreseeable future at any rate.  Thanks to everybody who has visited the site over the years, especially those who have sent kind comments about it.