A tawny prominent moth trapped in Weymouth is only the third UK record of this species


Sunny and warm but still that strong breeze

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beardybirder: The Grayling were at it too on Hartland Moor today, flaunting their fantastically patterned underwings to all comers https://t.co/daDX4Hdqp9 Phil Saunders ---- ---- --
MartinWood14: I did have 4 Diamond backed Moths mirgrants or local? Martin Wood
beardybirder: A few hardy Southern Damselflies were still on the wing on Hartland Moor today, alongside several Small Red Damself… https://t.co/V0Kwm8qdc9 Phil Saunders ---- ---- --
PortlandBirdObs: Not a particularly big deal in the context of everything else being reported but an Oak Processionary trapped at th… https://t.co/C8SQK0LkEG Portland Bird Observatory
MJLbirder: At least 2 Large Tortoiseshell in Tout Quarry, Portland. Marcus Lawson
PaulUpwey: One of the Weymouth moth-ers has a Tawny Prominent and has sent me his photo. I'm just trying to sort out viewing a… https://t.co/0ckBVX77gl Paul Harris
Lytchettbirder: Had a first for the Lytchett Bay patch with this superb Yellow-legged Clearwing attracted to lure. ⁦@ianballam⁩ ⁦… https://t.co/Y9tAKziezA Nick Hull
ornisobscura: Pymore - 1cy Pied Flycatcher this morning it's started...amazing sky last night from Burton Cliff @DorsetBirdClub https://t.co/3992nW2X4D Ornisobscura
stevehales52: 79 species last night. Although not the wow factor of @PaulUpwey recent Orache this albeit dead Pine-tree Lappet wa… https://t.co/5IrCSDMMHD Steve Hales
Hamish14453: A new insect for my 'patch' - the attractive soldierfly Stratiomys potamida @DorsetWildlife https://t.co/n2qw3SIiGy Hamish Murray
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black-tailed skimmer
Look for black-tailed skimmers near heathland ponds now [Photo: Peter Orchard]