Welcome to the Nature of Dorset ....

This is the companion website to the Nature of Dorset Twitter and Facebook accounts. It acts as an extension to, and storage point for, these other applications. It offers you:

  • News of sightings via current tweets and reports as well as an archive of historic sightings in case you missed them or want to do some research 
  • Additional information about nature in Dorset provided by blogs, papers and articles from a variety of sources in the scrapbook. magazine, library and gallery
  • General information and tools that may be useful such as the extended search facility, links to other conservation organisations, the bibliography, etc 


All the functions available on the Nature of Dorset website are listed below but you have the option to select from a drop down list what type of function you are looking for (news/archive, additional information or tools/utilities) to narrow your choice. The menu is sequenced with the most viewed at the top as they are obviously the most popular. Just click/tap the icon for the function you want when you have found it!  

It is with immense sadness I have to say that after twelve years of maintaining the Nature of Dorset website and related Twitter feed and Facebook page personal circumstances prevent me from continuing; at least for the foreseeable future at any rate.  Thanks to everybody who has visited the site over the years, especially those who have sent kind comments about it.

Main Menu

Dashboard logo

DASHBOARD:  In a hurry? Take a glimpse of what is new on the Nature of Dorset via the dashboard:

  • The latest interesting sightings, announcements from Dorset conservation organisations and a quick view of the last seven days
  • The latest entries in the magazine, the scrapbook and the library
  • Use the 'QUICK MENU' should something catch your eye that you want to look more closely at

MOBILE USERS may prefer the  FLIPBOARD version of this information


Magazine Icon

MAGAZINE: A collection of blog  posts from various contributors:

  • It includes blogs written by various Dorset wildlife conservation organisations and enthusiasts
  • I have not been selective and have included all that I have been able to find
  • If yours is missing let me know and I will add it


Sightings Icon

SIGHTINGS: A list of recent tweets from local wildlife enthusiasts with what they have seen:

  • Filters out the interesting species reports from the other social chat and retweets
  • Arranged most recent first so that it us easy to see what is happening in the wild now
  • Accumulated history of tweets which is searchable by species and location with links to original tweet 


Newsdesk icon

NEWS DESK: The latest news about the nature of Dorset as well as new material added to the Nature of Dorset:

  • It includes blogs from some conservation organisations who report daily on what has been seen by their project
  • It includes notification of new content on the main Nature of Dorset website
  • It includes selected tweets from conservation organisations about events or activities 


Gallery Icon

PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY: A collection of photographs that have been shared on Twitter by Dorset nature enthusiasts:

  • I try to select one photograph each day to reflect the changing seasons
  • The Twitter photos are shared here just as they can be shared on Twitter
  • You should respect the ownership of the photos and not use them for financial gain and if shared should be accredited to the photographer 


Search icon

ENHANCED SEARCH : Google search focused on just a selection of Dorset wildlife websites:

  • Use keywords or a phrase to implement a Google Search
  • The search covers only selected Dorset conservation and nature based websites and blogs
  • Any page you select from the search results will open in a new window thus allowing you to return to your search results to access a further page

Make sure you use the ENHANCED GOOGLE box for your keywords or you will search just this site!


Peter icon

NOTEBOOK: Although intended for my personal use you are welcome to visit my own website for :

  • Information about Dorset species I have seen and where I have seen them
  • Information about where I have been in Dorset and what I have seen saw there
  • Information about Dorset habitats and their wildlife


Library icon

LIBRARY: Some information papers written and collected over time:

  • There is some background about, and guidance on the use of, the Nature of Dorset
  • It has some guides to nature and identification which I have written
  • Some articles written by others who have given permission for them to be included here 


Scrapbook Icon

SCRAPBOOK: A collection of news articles clipped from online newspapers and magazines:

  • I include articles about Dorset nature reserves and matters affecting them
  • I also include articles about species or groups of species and how they are fairing on Dorset
  • The articles are kept in a utility function called Evernote but you can access the items without an Evernote account 


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FOLLOW: If you are interested in the nature of Dorset and want to keep in touch with the news and stuff:

  • You can subscribe to the email news service and get a daily update on what is new with the nature of Dorset
  • You can follow the Nature of Dorset on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • You can follow the Nature of Dorset blog


Diary Icon

NATURE DIARY: Look back over previous days main sightings:

  • For each day there is a headline of the main sightings of interest
  • Click on the headline to see some of the top tweeted sightings of the day
  • Go to the 'Sightings' option to see the full list of tweets for any day


Information Logo

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Every website has its small print! Here is mine:

  • It covers ownership and copyright issues
  • It includes the usual disclaimers about errors and omissions
  • Every visitor is expected to read the terms and conditions and the assumption is that you have whether you have or not!


Broadcast icon

EDITOR'S NOTES: An occasional series of articles about the Nature of Dorset covering:

  • Announcements of new features, or changes to existing features, on the Nature of Dorset
  • Guidance on understanding and using the Nature of Dorset features
  • General notes on using the Nature of Dorset and social media to further one's interest in the nature of Dorset


Bibliography Icon

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Here you will find:

  • A list of the reference books I use; like me some are rather aged now and I have had them for many years and may be out of print
  • By including them I acknowledge their help in contributing to my knowledge 
  • I am happy to recommend any of these books to anyone looking for reference books on wildlife and conservation 


Notice Board Icon

NOTICE BOARD: Local conservation organisations use Twitter to broadcast an array of information:

  • Details of forthcoming walks, talks, events and projects 
  • Visiting arrangements or restrictions on their reserves and centres 
  • General information and notices relevant to both their members and the general public 


Lionks Icon

LINKS: A directory of other organisations and how to contact them:

  • Contact information - Phone number and email address
  • Organisation's website
  • Facebook and Twitter presence