An Introduction to Habitats

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In an attempt to improve my own knowledge and to clarify my thoughts on 'natural' habitats I wrote a paper covering three areas:Identifying and classifying habitatsHow habitats are formed and managedHabitat types in a little more detailI am not an expert on these things, just an enthusiastic amatuer, but I am making the results of my work available here in the Nature of Dorset library for other to read and hopefully benefit from. I hope what I have written is correct but foregive me if there are errors or misunderstandings; habitats can be a complex subject and I do not 'do' complicated! My aim is to simplify the subject so that beginners to natuire watching can understand the basics of habitat importance and habitat recognition. Why I think this is important is outlined as part of the first secton - "Identifying and classifying habitats" - where I also introduce the concelts of habitat classification.In part 2 - "How habitats are formed and managed" - I take a look at what habitats actually are, consider how they were formed and look at hope they are managed for the future.Finally, in part 3 - "Habitat types in a little more detail" - I outline some of the features of the seven primary Dorset habitat classes and describe some of the specific types that occur within that classification.This paper is designed to clarify and enhance the use of the Nature of Doret habitat section with shows where each habitat type occurs and some of te species that might be found in that habitat type. you can access the Nature of Dorset habitat section HERE.If you spot any errors, want to add to what I have written or want to ask any questions please use the forum which you can find in the resources section HERE