LIBRARY: Some information papers written and collected over time:

  • There is some background about, and guidance on the use of, the Nature of Dorset
  • It has some guides to nature and identification which I have written
  • Some articles written by others who have given permission for them to be included here 


The library contains papers on a range of natural history topics, often introductory guides for beginners. They are listed below, click on view to see more information and from there you can open the document to read it. Note: the documents are not yet available.


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view Wareham Common: A Case Study

I have been fortunate to live within close walking distance of Wareham Common in Dorset since the summer of 2006 and so it has a particular interest for me. Wareham town's origins are medieval, it was a major walled Saxon settlement, and the common is closely linked with this ancient history having been used by the townsfolk to graze their stock. The site is one of the best examples of coastal flood grazing in the south of England and although agriculturally improved over the centuries…

view An Introduction to Habitats

In an attempt to improve my own knowledge and to clarify my thoughts on 'natural' habitats I wrote a paper covering three areas:Identifying and classifying habitatsHow habitats are formed and managedHabitat types in a little more detailI am not an expert on these things, just an enthusiastic amatuer, but I am making the results of my work available here in the Nature of Dorset library for other to read and hopefully benefit from. I hope what I have written is correct but foregive…

view Frequently asked questions about the Nature of Dorset

Frequently asked questions? To be honest there are no questions about the Nature of Dorset that I am frequently asked however many websites have a "Frequently Asked Questions" section so why should the Nature of Dorset be any different?In this section I have tried to think of some questions that might go through people's minds as they use the Nature of Dorset and then try to answer them; the result is a form of user guide. I believe there are two groups of questions:Questions…

view Beginners Guides to Nature

 Over the years I have lead many walks and given various talks on aspects of nature and I have run a course 'Understanding Nature' for beginners to wildlife watching. These activities have resulted in me writing papers and notes to hand out to support what I have been saying and I have grouped them together here on the Nature of Dorset under "Beginners Guides". I have purposely kept them as simple as possible and I have no doubt the specialists will cringe if they stumble upon then and…

view The Dorset Wildlife Trust Purbeck Reserves

During a period from 2007 to 2009 a Dorset Wildlife Trust member, John Wright, wrote series of articles for the Trust magazine based on in depth species surveys he had carried out at several nature reserves in the Purbeck area over a long period of time. Although some time ago, and things change, much of what John wrote will still apply today and is worthy of being replicated here.Sadly, John passed away in 2014 and is greatly missed but John, and the Dorset Wildlife Trust, had given me…

view A Quick Introduction to Dorset

In this section I try and give those who have never visited Dorset a flavour of the county, its geology and its wildlife. It can only be the briefest of introductions as I am not capable of producing a definitive guide!There are, however, many other sources of information about Dorset on the internet and maybe, after reading my short notes you may feel inclined to go 'surfing' to find out more. There are also some excellent guides and books available to buy, especially some…