Enhanced Search

ENHANCED SEARCH : Google search focused on just a selection of Dorset wildlife websites:

  • Use keywords or a phrase to implement a Google Search
  • The search covers only selected Dorset conservation and nature based websites and blogs
  • Any page you select from the search results will open in a new window thus allowing you to return to your search results to access a further page

Make sure you use the ENHANCED GOOGLE box for your keywords or you will search just this site!


With the enhanced search facility you can search not just across the Nature of Dorset website but also across the websites of other Dorset conservation organisations. It gives a more local set of answers to your query that 'googling' across the whole web. The websites included are:

  • The Nature of Dorset
  • Dorset Wildlife Trust
  • Birds of Poole Harbour
  • Portland Bird Observatory
  • Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group
  • Butterfly Conservation (Dorset)
  • Dorset Bird Club
  • Dorset Nature
  • Durlston Country Park