Terms and Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Every website has its small print! Here is mine:

  • It covers ownership and copyright issues
  • It includes the usual disclaimers about errors and omissions
  • Every visitor is expected to read the terms and conditions and the assumption is that you have whether you have or not!



The Nature of Dorset website exists to share knowledge and information about the wildlife and wild places of Dorset for the benefit of people in Dorset interested in nature and people elsewhere interested in the nature of Dorset.


The Nature of Dorset is the personal project of Peter Orchard of Wareham, Dorset and is totally independent and not part of, or affiliated to, any wildlife organisation, public authority or business.


The owner of this website gives no commitment as to the future of the Nature of Dorset project but will endeavour to keep the website operational for as long as personal circumstances permit.


No charge is made for the use of this website and it is provided free of any advertising. The owner of the site bears all of the costs of providing it without deriving any revenue from it. This is a hobby not a business!


The Nature of Dorset started in 2006 as a means of storing personal records and photographs, it was made open to public view in 2010 and was extended in 2017 to include records from other observers. The website now has over 70,000 visits a year! 


No personal information held on this website and no cookies are used. 


Some of the information on this site is derived from freely available resources on the Internet including open posts on Twitter. Whilst not formally subject to copyright website users, including those who are not members of the community, are asked to respect the ownership of the original data and to not use any content of this website site for their own personal gain.

Errors and Omissions:

The information contained within this website is provided in good faith and is, hopefully, accurate however the owner of the site accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may arise or for any loss a user may incur from using this information.


Information about threatened species or sensitive sites will not be provided on this website nor should contributors publish such information within the 'community' services.

Questions and Suggestions:

The owner of this website will attempt to answer questions from any user of the site but it should be born in mind he is an enthusiastic amatuer and not a professional employed in nature conservation. Constructive comments about improving the website and associated services  are welcome; negative or destructive comments will be ignored. Please note that the data on this website is not the result of scientific research, it is a collection of random observations made by a very amateur enthusiast. The species database covers everything from mammals to fungi and no one can be an expert in all of these taxa and much of the identification is restricted by the quality of reference material available. One person cannot possibly produce the definitive guide to the nature of Dorset and so species lists will be incomplete and there will be reserves not covered but as time goes by so the database will grow and (depending on health and the weather) the content will become more comprehensive as time passes.