The Nature of Dorset is changing .... this is why

Sadly, advancing years and increasing demands on my time as a carer mean I cannot continue to keep the Nature of Dorset website up to date with new records to the level of detail I have done in the past. I started the Nature of Dorset way back in 2008 initially as a home for my personal records and photographs but from 2017 I started adding in other records I distilled from Twitter and started to produce distribution maps and time charts for species and species lists for the various nature reserves and wildlife hotspots in Dorset but I just cannot do it any more.

As from today I am launching my new scaled down  Nature of Dorset which is intended to be much more of a news service than a reference database. The Nature of Dorset database of records with associated maps and charts will disappear towards the end of August but will not be updated in the meantime.

I was delighted that at its peak in 2018 it received over 70,000 visits but, added to the demands elsewhere on my time, the shift in computing to a more mobile and socially based environment means the demand for a reference database to look things up in is 'old fashioned' now and the number of visits has fallen to around 50,000 a year. It is time to move on, embrace the new ways of working and I hope the new Nature of Dorset will be part of that. It is written in a 'mobile' friendly service and I have plans to introduce more mobile features shortly.

I hope to see you on the new Nature of Dorset sometime soon!

Peter Orchard
1st June 2020