What are the Editor's notes?

As I sit here in my study working on my hobby, the Nature of Dorset website, it occurs to me that occasionally visitors to the site, and I am blessed to have a fair few of them, may benefit from a bit more information about the site. As a result, starting with the launch of the new look Nature of Dorset on the 1st June 2020, I will write what I will term "Editor's Notes". These may evolve over time but will tend to be about the Nature of Dorset rather than the nature of Dorset which I sometimes write about in my blog. 

In my Editor's Notes I will:

  • Announce and explain any new features I may add to the site or changes that I may make
  • Provide guidance on understanding the existing features of the site and how to use them
  • Talk about using the Nature of Dorset and social media to further any interest you may have in the nature of Dorset

I make no commitment as to the frequency of posts to the Editor's Notes but you can spot when new entries are added by keeping an eye on the Nature of Dorset dashboard, by following the Nature of Dorset News Desk function (or subscribing to the related email newsletter) or by looking for posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter.

I hope you will find the Editor's Notes a useful addition to the Nature of Dorset.

Peter Orchard