Red kites make ‘triumphant comeback’ to England in just three decades

The return of red kites has been hailed as a “triumphant comeback” 30 years on from the start of the scheme to reintroduce the bird to England’s skies.


In what environmental experts say may be the biggest species success story in UK conservation history, the once-vanished bird is now soaring over countryside, gardens and towns across swathes of England.


In three decades, the species has gone from a small number of breeding pairs in Wales, to thousands of birds across the UK, thanks to a reintroduction scheme seen as “radical” at the time, conservationists said.


Red kites, a large bird of prey that largely feeds on carrion and worms and cuts a distinctive silhouette with wing tips that look like splayed fingers and a forked tail, were common city scavengers in medieval L

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