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view 10-08-20 Pied flycatchers seem to be leading the autumn passerine movement at the moment

Another hot and humid day

view 09-08-20 A great time of year for spotting butterflies, moths, dragons and more

Very hot today

view 08-08-20 Rose-coloured starling back around the eastern end of the Fleet today

Very hot and humid

view 07-08-20 Wryneck and honey buzzard reported today along with first wheatear and whitethroat movement

Blue skies turning cloudy and humid during the afternoon

view 06-08-20 Generally quiet for birds today but still signs of autumn migrational movements

Dismal start, glorious end

view 05-08-20 The melodious warbler is still on Portland and osprey records continue from Poole Harbour

Brighter later after a grey start and still windy

view 04-08-20 Another melodious warbler at Portland and more osprey sightings around Poole Harbour

Will this wind never cease?

view 03-08-20 A surge in osprey sightings around Poole Harbour today

Bright and breezy

view 02-08-20 A melodious warbler at Portland today and wood and curlew sandpipers elsewhere

Sunny intervals and a strong breeze

view 01-08-20 A tawny prominent moth trapped in Weymouth is only the third UK record of this species

Sunny and warm but still that strong breeze

view 31-07-20 Honey buzzard and hobby seen today indicating autumn movement is gathering pace

Warm and humid with increasing cloud

view 30-07-20 Ospreys and spoonbill around Poole Harbour today

Sunny and warm and less breeze

view 29-07-20 Willow warblers and more on the move now and wader numbers picking up

Sunny and warm but, yes, still breezy

view 28-07-20 Better weather so a good day for damsels and dragons

Sunny and warm with a fresh breeze

view 27-07-20 The Weymouth wood sandpiper remains the main attraction at the moment

Wet and windy again

view 26-07-20 Summer plumage cattle egret probably the pick of the bunch today

Yet another blowy day but some sunshine

view 25-07-20 Wood sandpiper still near Weymouth but quiet otherwise in abysmal weather

Wet and windy much of the day

view 24-07-20 A wood sandpiper in Weymouth seems to be the pick of the days birds

Bright but the stiff v breeze picking up into a wind

view 23-07-20 Southern migrant hawker have appeared at Lytchett Bay again; third year now?

Increasing cloud with light rain later

view 22-07-20 Lots more signs of the gathering pace of the autumn migration flow today

Dry, sunny and warm but still that breeze

view 21-07-20 Summer weather now but autumn bird movements well under way it seems

Sunny and warm but still breezy

view 20-07-20 A lovely day for butterfly and dragonfly watching; first clouded yellows reported

Lovely warm and sunny day despite the continuing breeze

view 19-07-20 A white-rumped sandpiper at Ferrybridge was the first interesting wader of the autumn

Early rain but improving later

view 18-07-20 Cattle egret numbers certainly increasing on the Fleet as overall autumn bird movement increases

Sunny but the breeze getting stronger again

view 17-07-20 Cattle egret seemingly regular again now and more reports of successful bird breeding activity

Sunny and warm but still that fresh breeze

view 16-07-20 More cattle egret activity today and wader numbers continuing to build

Lovely afternoon after a grey morning

view 15-07-20 A juvenile Long-eared owl has taken up residence at Portland Bill

Light cloud cover and a moderate breeze

view 14-07-20 Blyths reed warbler at Portland and various other interesting birds around today

Overcast and fresh breeze

view 13-07-20 A cattle egret was a surprise today and wader numbers are certainly increasing now

Sunny intervals and a fresh breeze

view 12-07-20 Another good day for butterflies and other summer insects

Sunny and warm and less breeze