PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY: A collection of photographs that have been shared on Twitter by Dorset nature enthusiasts:

  • I try to select one photograph each day to reflect the changing seasons
  • The Twitter photos are shared here just as they can be shared on Twitter
  • You should respect the ownership of the photos and not use them for financial gain and if shared should be accredited to the photographer 


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Episyrphus balteatus
The 'marmalade' hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus is common gardens [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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Autumn lady's tresses
Autumn lady's tresses is a small orchid flowering in late summer on limestone [Photo: Peter Orchrd]
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Meadow grasshopper
Meadow grasshoppers are now abundant in long, dry grass just about everywhere [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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Dark green fritillary
Dark green fritillary are usually seen on the limestone cliffs in Dorset [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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Common fleabane
Common fleabane is a popular with food source for insects later in the summer [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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 gorse shieldbug
Yes, gorse is the best place to find the gorse shieldbug [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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Jersey tiger
The Jersey tiger is becoming well established along the Dorset coast [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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fleabane tortoise beetle
As common fleabane comes into flower you may find the fleabane tortoise beetle on them [Peter Orchard]
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white-legged damselfly
White-legged damselfly are often seen along the river Stour [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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black-tailed skimmer
Look for black-tailed skimmers near heathland ponds now [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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wall brown
The wall butterfly was once common everywhere is now quite scarce [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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red-banded sand wasp
The red-banded sand wasp occurs mainly on the sandy, dry heaths [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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 common centaury
Normally pink common centaury is also available in white [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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beautiful demoiselle
The beautiful demoiselle truly is a beautiful damselfly [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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four-banded longhorn beetle
The four-banded longhorn beetle is fond of umbellifer flowers [Photo: Peter Oorchard]
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 green-veined white
Are green-veined white less common now or just overlooked? {Photo: Peter Orchard]
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tree bumblebee
The tree bumblebee is a recent coloniser of Southern England [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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Volucella zonaria
Volucella zonaria is a large hoverfly often seen on buddleia in gardens [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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raft spider
Look for the impressive raft spider around heathland ponds [Photo: Peter Orchard]
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clouded yellow
First signs of the usual late summer clouded yellow inlux beginning to be seen [Photo: Peter Orchard]